Peer Support Line

peer support line
Life is complicated, but NYSUT Member Benefits can help. The Peer Support Line is a confidential helpline available through Member Benefits at no cost to all NYSUT members and their families.

Staffed by
trained in-service and retired individuals who understand the unique professional and personal challenges of NYSUT members, the Peer Support Line can provide answers, resources, and empathetic support when you need it.

Learn More:
For more information or to speak with someone at the Peer Support Line, call toll-free 844-444-0152.

You can also send a secure private message to the Peer Support Line.

Member Testimonial
Peer Support Line Patrick McCarthyPatrick McCarthy, NYSUT Retiree Chapter 13 Leader and former local president of the Sullivan BOCES Teachers Association, recently provided Member Benefits with a testimonial regarding his experience using the Peer Support Line. This confidential helpline is available free to all NYSUT members and their families, whether you’re dealing with a specific stressful issue or would just like an empathetic ear to listen.

McCarthy learned about the Peer Support Line in late 2022 during a very overwhelming time after his partner of more than 20 years had been admitted to the hospital for a heart attack and the flu. McCarthy’s partner was scheduled to be released from the hospital but needed a stent in his heart; meanwhile, both McCarthy himself and his stepdaughter had become ill at the time and were not healthy enough to care for their recovering loved one.

“I looked down at the local Mid-Hudson region teachers union publication and saw a reference to the Peer Support Line. The woman that I spoke with at the Peer Support Line was so compassionate and professional and had such a calm and soothing voice; she recommended that I contact the County Office of the Aging and even found the information for me. It was a great conversation with a peer who understood my situation and my background.

I called the County Office of the Aging and spoke with someone who said to contact Medicare for an appeal of my partner’s hospital release. Five minutes after I finished speaking with someone at Medicare, the phone rang and it was a representative from the hospital where my partner was. The woman I spoke with asked if I had filed an appeal and said the hospital had decided to keep my partner longer.

My partner came home a few days later and unfortunately passed soon after. It has obviously been very difficult since then, but it was such a relief to have a resource like the Peer Support Line available when I needed it. NYSUT always had great social services programs when I was an in-service member, and the Peer Support Line is just a continuation of that. I can’t praise the Peer Support Line enough.”

The Peer Support Line can assist with utilizing Employee Assistance Program (EAP) benefits, along with finding information and referrals for professional assistance within your community.

This service can help with the following topics and more:

• Finding mental health services or support groups
• Locating Medicare/Medicaid resources
• Managing work-related stress

• Providing support to new members
• Sourcing elder care or caregiving services
• Assisting with marital, relationship, or child rearing concerns

• Reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness
• Accessing services for individuals with disabilities
• Finding help for victims of violence
• Managing planned or unexpected hospitalizations

Don’t go it alone. When stressful situations arise, look to the Peer Support Line to speak with trained peer support specialists who will lend a caring ear and connect you with community resources that can make a difference for you and your family.

Contact the Peer Support Line toll-free at 844-444-0152 or send a secure private message.

The Peer Support Line is a partnership between NYSUT Social Services, NYSUT Member Benefits, and Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care.