Premium Calm Service - Now Available to NYSUT Retiree Members!

Premium Calm ServiceNYSUT Member Benefits is pleased to offer the premium Calm subscription as a free benefit for all NYSUT in-service AND retiree members.

The premium Calm subscription provides members with unlimited access to the full library of content at and in the Calm app, which can be utilized via a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device (iOS or Android).

Members can add up to five dependents (age 16 or older) to receive their own premium Calm subscription. Dependents can only be added through the site (not the Calm app); dependents will then receive their own premium Calm subscription.

    Amber Chandler, a Trustee of the NYSUT Member Benefits Trust and President of the Frontier Central Teachers Association, recently provided Member Benefits with a testimonial regarding her experience with the premium Calm service -- provided free to all NYSUT in-service and retiree members.

    “One of the things I started after becoming a Trustee of the (NYSUT) Member Benefits Trust is to have a Member Benefits moment and push out the various benefits available to the 445 members of my local. My members were the most excited to hear about the premium Calm service available free to NYSUT members.

    I really like the Calm sleep stories as I used to wake up in the middle of the night and would be unable to fall back asleep. Since using the Calm app, I have never finished an entire sleep story… so they definitely work! I have also started doing the Calm movement and stretching lately along with some of the self-help and meditation activities. My son will also listen to the stories and jokes that he should listen to them in the middle of the day to see what happens. It’s very reminiscent to when my children were younger and we used to listen to audio books together.

    We are truly seeing a mental health crisis in schools when it comes to both teachers and students. Having options available through NYSUT Member Benefits such as the Calm service and the Peer Support Line are very important in terms of how we can help our members. Teachers are often the worst at taking care of ourselves as we are so busy taking care of others.

    As an 8th grade ELA teacher (at Frontier Middle School in Hamburg, NY) and with a background in social and emotional learning, I can easily see a tool such as the Calm app being used in small group settings in schools… it would be great to have something like a seven-minute meditation during the day in the classroom."

    Brittany Dein, LMSW, a social worker with Santapogue School in West Babylon, NY and member of the West Babylon Teachers Association, recently provided Member Benefits with a testimonial of her own regarding the premium Calm service.

    "We talk a lot about teacher and therapist burnout, so it’s important to practice what you teach and take time for yourself. I have found the Calm app acts as a personal tool to help make sure I’m giving the best version of myself. I have started implementing it in my work and also reached out to K-5 social workers in other schools.

    As a school social worker, I have students that I see through mandated counseling and social skills groups through IEPs and 504s. I also see students who have been identified as in need of the service from their teachers or parents. There are often day-to-day issues that arise that require social emotional help and true counseling and intervention skills.

    There is a feature on the Calm app called Calm Kids that offers so many mindfulness audio programs that I have been using with my students. It’s how we start our groups, whether it’s with a Paw Patrol piece, Disney, Thomas the Train, etc. This has helped the students learn mindfulness through something they are familiar with and they absolutely love it. The audio aspect of the Calm app requires students to sit and relax their mind and think, which is a unique way for them to take a moment and calm down.

    There is no downside to participating in the Calm benefit as it is zero cost to members; it’s a tool that can be used in every piece of your life from falling asleep to helping with your children to daily affirmations to growing yourself both personally and professionally. As professionals, we always look to reach out and share positive notes to the parents of our students; I seek to do that in my life as well and when I find something beneficial I want to make sure to let others know so that it stays around. Thank you for this proactive approach to increasing mental health support for our staff, faculty, and students."

IMPORTANT: On this page, you will find both desktop and mobile instructional sign-up videos to assist with accessing the premium Calm service for free.

The horizontal desktop instructional video below is for those members who already have an existing Calm account. Below that you will find a vertical mobile instructional video for members who have not yet created a Calm account.

Get Started Today!
Visit to create a Calm account now (this is a dedicated URL for NYSUT members).

1. You will need your NYSUT ID number to create an account with your preferred email address and a password using the dedicated URL above. Note: Your NYSUT ID number can be found on your NYSUT Membership Card or by visiting

2. Once you create a free Calm account on a web browser using the URL above, you will want to download the Calm app for your iOS or Android device.

3. After downloading the Calm app for your preferred device, you can then log in with your email address and password to unlock the premium Calm content for free.

Member Benefits and the Calm team have created a helpful Frequently Asked Questions document for NYSUT members that contains answers to a number of questions.

If you have additional questions related to the Calm service that the FAQ document does not address, please contact the
Calm support team directly by clicking here or at

The Calm app -- recognized as Apple’s Best of 2018 award winner, Apple’s App of the Year 2017, and Google Play Editor’s Choice 2018 -- is the #1 app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation with over 100 million downloads.

Whether members have 30 seconds or 30 minutes of time available, the diverse content library offered by Calm includes numerous resources for their schedule and needs.

Members can explore guided meditations and specialized music playlists to help with stress and focus, mindful movement video and audio, relaxing sleep stories, nature scenes and sounds, specific content tailored for children, masterclasses led by experts, and more

NYSUT Associate Members and NYSUT Student Members are not eligible to utilize this free benefit at this time.