New Member Life Insurance Policy

New Member Life InsuranceIf you recently became a member of the NYSUT organization, we want to welcome you to your labor union!

New members are eligible to receive a free
Term Life Insurance policy providing coverage for up to $25,000* for one year (as long as NYSUT membership is maintained through your local). This insurance is guaranteed renewable for up to $25,000 at the end of the year.

-- New members under age 40 will not need to complete any paperwork to receive this no-cost coverage.

-- New members age 40 and older will receive the no-cost coverage for a one-year period if they can successfully answer several medical questions as part of a simplified issue offer.

-- New members under age 65 will also have the option to increase coverage up to $100,000 without additional medical underwriting.

Please Note: A new member is considered to be anyone who has never been a member of NYSUT in the past. Transfers from one local association to another will not be considered new members.

*There is no obligation for you to renew the policy at the end of the free year. Note: There is no term life insurance benefit provided to new members age 85 or older.