WrapPlan II Universal Life Insurance

The NYSUT Member Benefits Trust-endorsed WrapPlan® II Universal Life Insurance Plan underwritten by Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company allows you to purchase life insurance coverage that increases as your term life coverage decreases or terminates.

If you have no existing term life insurance, you may apply for a level benefit amount of WrapPlan coverage; the WrapPlan may be continued up to age 95.

To apply, you must be a NYSUT member who is actively at work; age 70 or younger on your last birthday; and a resident of New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania. Retirees age 70 or younger on their last birthday, not disabled, and residents of New York may be eligible; please contact the plan administrator for details.

2 Easy Ways to Learn More:

1. Call
Aon Voluntary Benefits & Enrollment Solutions -- the plan administrator -- toll-free at 866-NYSUT-WP (866-697-8897)

2. Visit

WrapPlan® II is a universal life insurance policy underwritten and issued by Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company, Harrison, NY, and administered by Aon Voluntary Benefits & Enrollment Solutions.

Policy form number FPWRAPUL and FCWRAPUP. Limitations and exclusions may apply.

NYSUT Student Members are not eligible to participate in this program.

The Transamerica Financial Life Insurance Company’s Flexible Premium Adjustable Life Insurance (WrapPlan® II) is a NYSUT Member Benefits Trust (Member Benefits)-endorsed program. Member Benefits has an endorsement arrangement of 6.5% of first-year premium and 0.195% of renewal premium, with a guaranteed annual minimum amount of $100,000 for this program. All such payments to Member Benefits are used solely to defray the costs of administering its various programs and, where appropriate, to enhance them. Member Benefits acts as your advocate; please contact Member Benefits at 800-626-8101 if you experience a problem with any endorsed program.