AFT Trauma Counseling

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Our national affiliate, the American Federation of Teachers, is providing all active AFT members with up to three months of a trauma counseling benefit at no cost.

No-Cost Trauma Counseling
As an active AFT member, you are eligible to receive up to three months of counseling via video, phone or text after a covered incident.

Trauma counseling is a confidential, measurement-based, program empowering recovery after everyday and workplace incidents. Whether it's an infectious disease, natural disaster, an assault, or secondary trauma, the AFT will provide you with the resources you need.

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These AFT-paid trauma counseling sessions with highly-trained therapists are completely private and set up to take advantage of the latest communication technologies. These sessions are available at no cost and available to all active AFT members, including those on leave status.

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The broad list of covered injuries is both work-related and beyond, including:


  • Aggravated assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Mass shootings/terrorist acts
  • Major disaster


  • Bullied, harassed, or threatened
  • Traumatized by witnessing a violent incident
  • Infection by contagious disease
  • Secondary trauma