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Payroll & Pension Deduction

Enjoy convenience, additional coverage and/or discounted premiums when you use Payroll or Pension Deduction as your payment method to purchase NYSUT Member Benefits-endorsed programs.

There is no fee to use payroll or pension deduction as payment options for Member Benefits-endorsed programs. For many programs, premiums are reduced, service fees are waived or additional coverage is provided at no additional cost when payroll or pension deduction is used.

Click here to learn more about the Payroll Advantage.

Click here to learn more about the Pension Advantage.

Payroll or pension deduction is a payment option for the following:

Term Life Insurance/Level Term Life Insurance -- Premiums reduced by 15%.

Disability Insurance -- Premiums for long-term and five-year plans reduced up to 20% (please note that this benefit is only available for payroll deduction).

Automobile Insurance -- Premiums reduced 8% if you reside in New York state (availability and amount of discount vary by state) and no $6 service fee per billing cycle.

Homeowners/Renters/Boatowners Insurance -- No $6 service fee per billing cycle.

Personal Excess Liability (Umbrella) Insurance -- No $6 service fee per billing cycle.

Catastrophe Major Medical Insurance -- Premiums reduced by 10%.

Dental Plan -- Service fee per billing cycle eliminated; amount of service fee dependent upon billing cycle selected.

Vision Plan -- This payment option is only available for pension deduction; there is no additional discount or savings.

Financial Counseling Program -- Annual fee reduced by $10.

Legal Service Plan -- Annual fee reduced by $5.

ID Watchdog -- Annual fee reduced by $12.

MetLife Long-Term Care Insurance -- Premiums reduced by 10% (please note that this benefit is not available to new applicants).

WrapPlan II Universal Life Insurance -- There is no additional discount provided for this program.