New Members

New MembersIf you recently became a member of the NYSUT organization, we want to welcome you to your labor union!

As a new member, you will receive a welcome mailing sent to your home address from NYSUT Member Benefits upon our receipt of new member enrollment information from your local association.

In conjunction with NYSUT Member Benefits, the NYSUT organization offers the Next Generation NYSUT platform to specifically assist its newest members with establishing themselves in their careers while providing resources and support to help ensure their success.

Visit to learn more about all that is available as a new member of this labor union.

New Members Receive a Mailing from Member Benefits with the Following:

1. Information about the dozens of endorsed Shopping, Travel and Personal programs available to NYSUT members.

2. Provision of a no-cost Term Life Insurance policy providing coverage for up to $25,000* for one year (as long as NYSUT membership is maintained through your local). This insurance is guaranteed renewable for up to $25,000 at the end of the year.

-- New members under age 40 will not need to complete any paperwork to receive this no-cost coverage.

-- New members age 40 and older will receive the no-cost coverage for a one-year period if they can successfully answer several medical questions as part of a simplified issue offer.

-- New members under age 65 will also have the option to increase coverage up to $100,000 without additional medical underwriting.

3. New members are also encouraged to join our MAP Alert (Member Alert Program) email service. MAP Alert participants are among the first to learn about new endorsed programs available to NYSUT members, find out the latest news about existing programs and be eligible for a variety of special drawings!

Please Note: A new member is considered to be anyone who has never been a member of NYSUT in the past. Transfers from one local association to another will not be considered new members.

*There is no obligation for you to renew the policy at the end of the free year. Note: There is no term life insurance benefit provided to new members age 85 or older.