New Members

As a new NYSUT member, you will receive a special welcome mailing sent to your home address from NYSUT Member Benefits upon our receipt of new member enrollment information from your local association. Click here to download the New Member Flyer.

New Members Receive the Following Offers:

1. Information about the many endorsed Shopping/Travel/Personal programs in place for NYSUT members.

2. Provision of a no-cost Term Life Insurance policy providing coverage for up to $25,000* for one year, as long as NYSUT membership is maintained through your local. New members under age 40 will not need to complete any paperwork to receive this no-cost coverage.

New members age 40 and older will receive the no-cost coverage for a one-year period if they can successfully answer several medical questions as part of a simplified issue offer. The insurance is guaranteed renewable for up to $25,000 at the end of the year with no additional medical underwriting.

Please Note
: For purposes of this offer, a new member is considered to be anyone who has never been a member of NYSUT in the past. Transfers from one local association to another will not be considered new members.

The best way to stay current with Member Benefits programs and services is to join our Member Alert Program email service; MAP Alerts are sent approximately once every three weeks to all MAP Alert members. Please note that your email address will not be shared. Click here to join the Member Alert Program email service.

*There is no obligation for you to renew the policy at the end of the free year. (Please note that there is no term life insurance benefit provided to new members age 85 or older.)