Everyday Resilience Series

Presented by Jen Arnold, M.S., R.D. & Jessica E. Etheredge

Jen Arnold picture   Jen Arnold, M.S., R.D.                                      Jessica Etheredge  Jessica E. Etheredge

NYSUT Member Benefits -- in partnership with NYSUT Social Services -- recognized Mental Health Awareness Month in May 2021 with an Everyday Resilience Series.

Co-presenters Jen Arnold & Jessica E. Etheredge provided engaging content throughout the mixed-media series, which was designed to include an interactive session via Zoom along with four mini-podcasts.

Ms. Arnold is a podcast host, TED speaker, and the founder and CEO of Redesigning Wellness, Inc. She specializes in leading organizational health and wellness efforts.

Ms. Etheredge is a speaker, teacher and lifestyle coach. She holds a dual insurance license in life & health along with property & casualty and is a certified Corporate Wellness Coach.


This series was outlined to provide NYSUT in-service and retiree members with a platform to engage and approach mental well-being. Click on the podcast links below to listen to each podcast.

Podcast One: Meet Your Resilience Guides
Take a few minutes to meet your resilience guides Ms. Arnold & Ms. Etheredge as they prepare you for what is to come during this upcoming series.

Podcast Two: Unpack Your Stressors
Join Ms. Arnold on a brief journey where you'll identify how you show up under strain and unpack the things that are actually stressing you out. Click here to download the corresponding pdf file.

Podcast Three: Managing Your Emotions
Join Ms. Arnold as she will walk you through a framework to manage your emotions and build your resilience. Click here to download the corresponding pdf file.

Podcast Four: Taking Actions
Join Ms. Arnold as she provides five steps to successfully implement a new behavior to build your resilience; she also offers a new practice to overcome our brain's built in negativity bias. Click here to download the corresponding pdf file.

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Inquiries: Contact NYSUT Member Benefits Coordinator of Benefits Michelle Kennedy at michelle.kennedy@nysut.org.