Member Benefits Ambassador Program

NYSUT Member Benefits and the NYSUT Mid-Hudson Regional Office launched the Member Benefits Ambassador Program as a pilot initiative in the Mid-Hudson region in August 2019. This program gives these volunteer Ambassadors the opportunity to serve a crucial and key role in terms of disseminating Member Benefits information.

The Ambassador Program was developed to assist our Member Benefits Coordinators of Benefits* in identifying an initial contact in each local to help post Member Benefits materials within schools and other locations. Our five Coordinators of Benefits work closely with local leaders to identify opportunities to present information about our endorsed voluntary and group programs at various meetings, workshops and conferences for locals around the state.

During the past several months, the NYSUT members who have volunteered to serve as Ambassadors have been instrumental in helping to increase awareness of our endorsed offerings. These Ambassadors have assisted us by posting Member Benefits information on school bulletin boards, conveying it via email and sharing it through numerous member-to-member conversations.

The Ambassador Program is an ever-evolving initiative designed to assist all NYSUT members while providing real-time feedback to Member Benefits about our endorsed programs and services. We anticipate the Ambassador Program serving as a tremendous supplemental tool to our Coordinators of Benefits that will allow Member Benefits to continue to meet the needs of NYSUT members now and into the future.

For more information about the Ambassador Program or if you are interesting in becoming an Ambassador, please contact Mike Ostrander at NYSUT Member Benefits at

In conjunction with this initiative, Member Benefits developed a helpful Ambassador Program mobile app for both iOS and Android devices that was released in February 2020.

The Ambassador Program app serves as a handy resource tool that allows Ambassadors to quickly access information relevant to their role; download and share one-page flyers about endorsed programs; view a calendar of upcoming events; chat with other Ambassadors and Benefits Coordinators; and more.