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Home Energy Services

The NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation endorses a variety of Shopping/Travel/Personal Programs designed to help you save a little money while enjoying some well-deserved fun. We are continually working to expand our offerings and provide more of the endorsed shopping/travel/personal programs that NYSUT members want.

Click on any of the endorsed programs listed in the menu on the left hand side of this page under the "Home Energy Services" category to learn more about them.

  • Heat USA

    These programs provide members with discounts on heating oil & propane.
  • American Solar Partners

    American Solar Partners has been designing, supplying and installing solar power systems for more than 10 years -- installing hundreds of systems during that time.


  • Tankfarm

    Tankfarm negotiates lower prices on propane for NYSUT members from top-rated local dealers and eliminates fees.