Important Note for Current Participants Regarding COVID-19

During the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the law firm of Feldman, Kramer & Monaco, P.C. would like to offer assistance to NYSUT members for their sacrifices and contributions.

If a NYSUT member who is a current participant in the Legal Service Plan passes away due to COVID-19, the law firm is extending a number of services at no cost to the member's family.

Feldman, Kramer & Monaco will provide guidance and assistance regarding the participating NYSUT member's estate (only in the instance of an uncontested estate), including answering questions related to marshaling assets, obtaining a death certificate, locating family members, reviewing beneficiary forms, filing the necessary documentation with the applicable probate court, accessing a safety deposit box, vehicle title issues, and redirecting mail.

In addition, the law firm can offer direction to the deceased NYSUT member's family regarding the next steps to take, such as advising a family member in regards to transferring assets, contacting financial institutions as well as free estate administration (probate) when needed. Most importantly, the law firm will provide a compassionate sounding board for the family.

Feldman, Kramer & Monaco is offering this free legal service as a way to honor its continued relationship with current participants in our endorsed Legal Service Plan. If you have any questions, please contact Christine Cavanagh (Feldman, Kramer and Monaco) at 631-231-1450, ext. 264.