ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions

The NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation endorses ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions, a nonprofit community service organization that has provided free, confidential counseling to thousands of people since 1972.

ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions is committed to your absolute privacy; all information shared verbally and in writing with CCCS will be kept in strictest confidence and managed within all legal and ethical considerations.

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Credit and Budget Counseling

A financial counseling session includes a review of income, expenses and debt to create a plan for achieving financial goals; tips on money management; and alternatives for handling a financial crisis. Counseling is available by phone, online or in person. One-on-one counseling services are provided free of charge.

Certified Housing Counseling
As a HUD-certified counseling agency, CCCS offers pre-purchase counseling, home buyer seminars, mortgage and rental default counseling, and Reverse Equity Mortgage Certification. This service is available in-person or by phone and is provided free of charge.

Debt Management Plans
Licensed by the New York State Banking Department, the debt management plan is structured to help you repay creditors over time, without additional loans or personal bankruptcy. In addition to financial counseling, the plan includes negotiated repayments to creditors. Debt repayment services are available by phone, online or in person. The fee for this program is on a sliding scale (hardship waivers available).

Bankruptcy Counseling
CCCS provides bankruptcy pre-filing budget counseling and pre-discharge financial education. Pre-filing counseling appointments are available face-to-face, over the phone or online. Pre-discharge bankruptcy education isonline or in group classroom settings. A certificate of course completion is required for bankruptcy discharge. Fees are charged for bankruptcy counseling and education. Hardship waivers may be available.

Other Resources
CCCS offers practical financial education in the form of self study or group workshops. The CCCS website is a goldmine of information that help you control your debt and get on with your life.

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