Group Vision Care Plan

The NYSUT Member Benefits Trust-endorsed Group Vision Care Plan is only available for purchase by local associations, their benefit funds and employers. This plan is not available to individual NYSUT members, who can click here to learn more about our endorsed voluntary Vision Plan.

The Group Vision Care Plan provides one complete eye exam (including glaucoma testing and, when professionally indicated, dilation) and one pair of eyeglasses (lenses and frames) or contact lenses per benefit period -- paid-in-full according to plan specifications from participating providers.

All participants of your group may participate in the plan. A group voluntary option is also available wherein only 20% of the group must opt for coverage.

Dependent coverage is available if your group purchases family coverage. Dependents include spouse (or domestic partner if covered by your group) and children up to age 26.

Contact the Benefits Coordinator serving your region for a complete explanation and assistance with plan design.


  1. The basic lens package at a participating provider includes plastic or glass, oversize, bifocal, trifocal, prism, polycarbonate for children, cataract, fashion tint or prescription sunglasses. An enhanced paid-in-full lens package is also available that includes ultraviolet coating, standard progressive addition lenses, polycarbonate lenses for adults, blended invisible bifocals, scratch-resistant coating, intermediate lenses, and photosensitivity lenses. Lens options not covered by your plan are available at a discount when purchased through a participating provider.
  2. Contact lenses are available with no co-pay instead of eyeglasses.
  3. Discounted mail-order service is available for contact lens replacements and solutions.
  4. Indemnity payments are made directly to the participants for services purchased from a non-participating provider.
  5. All eye care products from participating providers have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a one-year warranty.

The Plan purchaser can select:

  1. The length of benefit period (12 or 24 months)
  2. Frame collections
  3. Basic or enhanced, paid-in-full lens packages
  4. Guaranteed monthly rates or fee-for-service (self-funded) basis

Once the decision has been made to purchase the NYSUT Member Benefits Trust-endorsed Vision Care Plan on a group basis, you may follow the steps below to implement the plan:

  1. Provide contact name/address/phone for billing, eligibility and certificate of participation.
  2. Sign and return certificate of participation.
  3. Sign and return HIPAA Business Associate Agreement.
  4. Provide eligibility information to the selected vision plan vendor -- cards/printout/data file (participant name, date of birth, NYSUT ID Number or Social Security number, home address; if group is covering dependents, dependent name(s) & DOB also required).
  5. Personalized ID Cards and plan information will be mailed to participants homes.
  6. General membership presentations/exhibits.
  7. Monthly billing.

The NYSUT Member Benefits Trust-endorsed Group Vision Care Plan is provided and administered by Davis Vision.

The Davis Vision Group Vision Plan is a NYSUT Member Benefits Trust (Member Benefits)-endorsed program. Member Benefits self-insures the risk for groups with guaranteed rate contracts, meaning total premiums collected and claims paid are pooled annually. At the end of the plan year, any surplus funds revert to Member Benefits; if a deficit exists, Member Benefits is responsible for covering the loss. For the last 10-year period, a surplus equaling approximately 13.88% of paid premiums has resulted. For self-insured group vision plans, Member Benefits has an endorsement arrangement of $0.07 per month per enrolled participant. All such payments to Member Benefits are used solely to defray the costs of administering its various programs and, where appropriate, to enhance them. The insured group vision plans pool the premiums of Member Benefits participants who are insured for the purposes of determining premium rates and accounting. Coverage outside of this plan may have rates and terms that are not the same as those obtainable through Member Benefits. The Insurer or Member Benefits may hold premium reserves that may be used to offset rate increases and/or fund such other expenses related to the plan as determined appropriate by Member Benefits. Member Benefits acts as your advocate; please contact Member Benefits at 800-626-8101 if you experience a problem with any endorsed program.