January 30, 2024

Local leader provides her perspective on the premium Calm service

The premium Calm subscription offers NYSUT members unlimited free access to the full library of sleep, meditation, and relaxation content.

Premium Calm ServiceAmber Chandler, a Trustee of the NYSUT Member Benefits Trust and President of the Frontier Central Teachers Association, recently provided Member Benefits with a testimonial regarding her experience with the premium Calm service -- provided free to all NYSUT in-service and retiree members.

More than 13,000 NYSUT members have already signed up to utilize the premium Calm service. Don't wait any longer; create your Calm account today!

“One of the things I started after becoming a Trustee of the (NYSUT) Member Benefits Trust is to have a Member Benefits moment and push out the various benefits available to the 445 members of my local. My members were the most excited to hear about the premium Calm service available free to NYSUT members.

I really like the Calm sleep stories as I used to wake up in the middle of the night and would be unable to fall back asleep. Since using the Calm app, I have never finished an entire sleep story… so they definitely work! I have also started doing the Calm movement and stretching lately along with some of the self-help and meditation activities. My son will also listen to the stories and jokes that he should listen to them in the middle of the day to see what happens. It’s very reminiscent to when my children were younger and we used to listen to audio books together.

We are truly seeing a mental health crisis in schools when it comes to both teachers and students. Having options available through NYSUT Member Benefits such as the Calm service and the Peer Support Line are very important in terms of how we can help our members. Teachers are often the worst at taking of ourselves as we are so busy taking care of others.

As an 8th grade ELA teacher (at Frontier Middle School in Hamburg, NY) and with a background in social and emotional learning, I can easily see a tool such as the Calm app being used in small group settings in schools… it would be great to have something like a seven-minute meditation during the day in the classroom."