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PayCheck Direct (Member Shopping Program)

Paycheck Direct


The NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation-endorsed Member Shopping Program powered by PayCheck Direct allows individuals to purchase what they want now and pay interest-free over 12 months (through either 12 or 26 payments) via automatic checking account withdrawals.

Through PayCheck Direct, all eligible NYSUT members have access to thousands of name-brand products such as appliances, computers & tablets, electronics, furniture, jewelry & watches, home & garden items, children's toys, and recreation & fitness items. PayCheck Direct features name brands such as Apple, Ashley, Black & Decker, Dell, Dyson, HP, JVC, Maytag, Sony, Toshiba, Whirlpool, and many more. And new items are added to the PayCheck Direct website on a regular basis.

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More About PayCheck Direct
PayCheck Direct offers a 30-day in-home trial on many products; flexible return policy; no interest fees, credit checks, down payments, or finance charges; and toll-free customer service representatives located in the U.S.

PayCheck Direct's simple electronic payment plan lets you purchase items without extra charges and with payments that remain the same -- providing a great budgeting tool. You'll also get peace of mind from knowing that your payments will always be made on time.

All eligible NYSUT members can make multiple purchases during the year as long as they do not exceed their purchasing limit. This applies to individuals who pay down their purchases, which allows for available dollars towards future purchases.

Please keep in mind that while PayCheck Direct is not a high-volume retailer and cannot always compete with the pricing of larger volume retailers, it does offer the option of spreading out payments over time. For the comparison shopper looking to get the lowest up-front price, PayCheck Direct may not be right for them. However, this program is beneficial for the member looking to make a larger purchase(s) and/or cannot afford the cost of the product(s) up-front -- offering them the flexibility of making interest-free payments over time.

This may result in the member paying a higher overall cost for the item compared to the lowest price available since PayCheck Direct is not a high volume retailer as mentioned above (yet the payments would still be interest-free). If a member were to purchase a similar product through another retailer using their credit card and didn't pay off the balance when the bill came in, he or she would likely then incur interest charges until the item was paid off.

NYSUT members are encouraged to comparison shop any products they find through PayCheck Direct and consider this program as an alternative to using their credit card.

Please note that PayCheck Direct will have access to certain information from NYSUT’s membership files to verify levels of eligibility for those NYSUT members that choose to participate in this program.

There is an endorsement arrangement between the provider of this plan and the NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation. Click here for the details of this arrangement.