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Student Loan Counseling, Credit Card Consolidation & Debt Management

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The NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation is pleased to announce the endorsement of Cambridge Credit Counseling as a provider to assist NYSUT members with better understanding their student loan re-payment options and/or debt consolidation.

Cambridge has been assisting consumers with eliminating debt for more than 20 years and features nationally-certified counselors who will work with you to determine the most appropriate course of action for your specific debt situation. NYSUT members are eligible to receive free, no-obligation debt and student loan consultations with one of Cambridge's certified counselors.

Cambridge also offers a unique web portal available at a reduced rate of $24.95 that can help explain the various options when paying down student debt, including student loan forgiveness programs, income-based repayment options and more.

In addition, Cambridge provides counseling for foreclosure intervention, reverse mortgage, bankruptcy and first time home-buyer assistance education.


To Speak With a Cambridge Certified Counselor:

1. Call toll-free xxx-xxx-xxxx for a certified student loan counselor.

2. Call toll-free xxx-xxx-xxxx for any other credit or debt-related issue to speak with a certified counselor.


With Cambridge's assistance, NYSUT members may be able to reduce or even eliminate their student loan payments. Cambridge's unique Student Loan Solutions Center portal will identify all of the repayment programs available specifically for your unique circumstances. These plans could include:

-- Public service loan forgiveness
-- Income-based repayment plans
-- Student loan consolidation, cancellation, forgiveness and more

Visit the Cambridge Student Loan Solutions Center portal.

With Cambridge's assistance, NYSUT members may be able to consolidate their credit card bills into one simple monthly payment and get out of debt in a fraction of the time that it would take on their own making minimum monthly payments. Cambridge's typical debt management clients can take advantage of:

-- Reduced interest rates by an average of 64%
-- Reduced monthly credit card payments by an average of nearly $150 per month
-- Credit card debt eliminated in an average of just 48 months
-- NYSUT members receive an additional 10% discount on debt consolidation services

Visit the Cambridge Credit Card Consolidation Center.