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Presentations for Locals

If your colleagues are interested in learning about the more than 40 endorsed programs & services offered by NYSUT Member Benefits, you can request a representative to address your next meeting. Member Benefits will tailor a presentation to your preference, whether it be an in-depth explanation of a program or a brief overall of all programs.

Endorsed benefit programs include:

Term Life or Level Term Life Insurance
WrapPlan® II Universal Life Insurance
Personal Property & Liability Insurance
Disability Insurance
Long-Term Care Insurance
Voluntary Dental or Vision Plans
Financial Counseling Program
Legal Service Plan
Pet Insurance
Shopping/Travel/Personal Programs

In addition to the above, the following presentations are available:

Payroll Deduction
-- This presentation explains to members how payroll deduction of Member Benefits-endorsed programs is implemented; the advantages, various discounts and additional benefits provided by many programs when this payment method is used; and the local association’s role in bringing this to the members.

Estate Planning -- These presentations are offered through the provider of our endorsed Legal Service Plan -- Feldman, Kramer & Monaco, P.C. -- at no charge. To be scheduled, this needs to be booked three months in advance with a minimum of 25 attendees.

Identity Theft/Fraud Workshop -- This workshop explores to what degree your identity is at risk, the latest techniques thieves use to obtain your personal information, how to protect yourself and your identity, and what to do if you become an identity theft victim.

403(b) Basics -- This presentation, designed for new NYSUT members, offers a basic understanding of 403(b) retirement savings plans and stresses the need for members to start saving for retirement early in their career.

Inside the 403(b) -- This presentation is designed to help members better understand their options when choosing a 403(b) plan by taking a detailed look at the various types of 403(b) programs available.

403(b) Provider-Specific Workshop -- These workshops are conducted by Stacey Braun Associates, Inc., the provider of the endorsed Financial Counseling Program. The workshop provides detailed information on five 403(b) providers chosen by the local association from a list of 10 popular 403(b) providers (including the New York State Deferred Compensation Plan). This information includes all of the relevant fees, investments, features, and more for each specific 403(b) provider chosen. The cost for the workshop is $350.

If you would like more information regarding any of these presentations, please contact Member Benefits at 800-626-8101 weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (EST). A representative will put you in touch with someone who can assist you in your geographic location.

For information about these programs or about contractual endorsement arrangements with providers of endorsed programs, please contact NYSUT Member Benefits.

Agency fee payers to NYSUT are eligible to participate in NYSUT Member Benefits-endorsed programs.