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December 18, 2018

Get your home supplies & heating discounts through MB

Winter is upon us and the freezing temperatures are here. No matter the type of heating source you use in your home, who wouldn't want to put some extra cash towards your savings rather than your utility bills?

NYSUT Member Benefits endorses home & heating service programs that can assist NYSUT members and their loved ones this winter and beyond.

The Member Benefits Corporation-endorsed Heat USA program offers NYSUT members and their loved ones the opportunity to save an average of $300 to $500 per year on heating oil. Heat USA is the largest heating oil buying group in the nation, with more than 50,000 oil-heated households and 200 full-service heating oil suppliers participating.

The Member Benefits Corporation-endorsed Tankfarm program offers the chance to save on propane from top-rated local dealers along with no tank rental, set-up, delivery or environmental compliance fees.

Meanwhile, the Member Benefits Corporation-endorsed Solar Solidarity Program from American Solar Partners can help members reduce their utility bill and improve the value of their home by installing a solar power system. NYSUT members can own a solar power system with no money out-of-pocket, and save 10-15% from American Solar Partners on current market prices.

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