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October 16, 2017

MetLife Auto & Home policyholders affected by recent natural disasters -- UPDATED 10/16/17

NYSUT Member Benefits and the MetLife organization (the provider of our endorsed Auto & Homeowners Insurance program) extend our deepest sympathies to all affected by recent severe weather brought about by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey along with the wildfires currently raging in California.

MetLife Auto & Home's claim organization has been mobilized and assisting those NYSUT members affected in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Louisiana.

MetLife Auto & Home has deployed Major Loss Adjusters to assist policyholders impacted by the devastating wildfires currently raging in California.

Additional claims resources are ready to be deployed as needed. MetLife has also commenced pro-active call-outs and identified policyholders that may have been affected by these tragic incidents.

MetLife policyholders can report storm-related auto and property damage losses 24 hours per day using the following methods:

How to Report Storm-Related Auto & Property Damage Losses:
Phone: 800-854-6011 (available 24 hours)
Fax: 866-743-1546 

How to Report MetLife Auto & Home Flood Policy Claims:
Phone: 800-759-8656
Customer Website:

Helpful Additional Links:
Click here to view a video for homeowners insurance policyholders that includes instructions on filing claims, emergency living expenses and temporary repairs following a major weather event.

Click here to review information for flood insurance policyholders about what to do in the event of a flood.

MetLife Auto & Home has also taken the following actions to assist those policyholders affected by these devastating hurricanes, including expanding its staff to receive new claim notifications and manage expected inquiries from policyholders.

Those Impacted by Hurricane Irma:
MetLife's Catastrophe Response Team is ready to handle any incoming claims and its claim personnel are prepared to help customers secure shelter if necessary, guide customers through temporary repairs, issues check for immediate expenses and promptly compensate customers for any damage to property.

To help customers get back on their feet as quickly as possible, MetLife has mobilized its Catastrophe Response Vehicles in areas hit hardest by Hurricane Irma.

Click here for more details.

Those Impacted by Hurricane Harvey:
Home Losses:
MetLife has moved Major Loss and CAT Adjusters into the impacted areas and additional Field Adjusters are being positioned to manage the anticipated service demand. In addition, MetLife's CAT RV along with support and fueling vehicles were moved just outside of the storm and flood zones. Mitigation and emergency service providers are also offering assistance as these areas are opened by authorities.

Auto Losses:
Additional staff appraisers were flown into Dallas, TX recently to supplement the local adjusters that were deployed; there are additional appraisers on standby that will be deployed as needed. The MetLife Total Loss team is ready to assist and positioned to expedite settlement in many cases. Additional third party partners are prepared to assist as needed.

Prior to Harvey making landfall recently, Enterprise Rent-A-Car moved its local vehicles out of the area and is returning those cars as soon as safely possible in order to get policyholders into rental cars. Given the extreme demand, MetLife anticipates that securing a rental could be challenging in the weeks ahead.