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January 18, 2018

Find out where you stand in terms of your savings & retirement

Have you checked out the all new NYSUT Member Benefits Financial Planning Center recently? If not, we encourage you to take some time to do so.

This enhanced site is a valued-added benefit offered at no charge to NYSUT members and their families.

The Financial Planning Center provides helpful tools and resources to assist NYSUT members and their families with a number of crucial decisions regarding financial wellness and retirement planning.

Choose from more than 100 modules on different financial topics along with a financial fitness check-up to see where members stand with their financial knowledge.

Whether it's planning for retirement, saving for college for your children or considering purchasing a home, the choices we need to make on a regular basis are never easy. If you're already enjoying retirement, you may be dealing with long-term care needs, managing your investments and estate planning.

NYSUT members can get assistance with these questions and more with our Financial Planning Center.

Click here to access the Financial Planning Center.