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Financial Planning Center - Provided by NYSUT Member Benefits & Stacey Braun Associates, Inc.

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  • Looking to plan for refinance your home, purchase a new vehicle or plan for retirement? Our collection of comprehensive financial calculators can assist you in addressing a variety of these financial issues.
  • Fidelity Investments offers a helpful financial wellness resource for NYSUT members & their families.

  • Retirement Calculator - NEW

    Retirement ThumbThis Interactive Retirement Planner can offer insight into whether you're on track with your personal retirement planning goals.

  • Interactive Planner

    This Interactive Planning Module provides valuable information for every stage of your life, from the beginning stages of planning your retirement through your retirement years.

  • Kiplingers Created exclusively for NYSUT members, this 14-page newsletter covers a variety of important financial topics such as taxes, investments and preparing for retirement.
  • Kiplingers Annual Retirement Guide

    This 90-page publication is broken down into five easy-to-use sections focusing on a variety of retirement planning topics.
  • 403b Field Guide

    Designed as an educational tool, this publication covers all aspects of 403(b) plans and includes information pertinent to members not yet contributing to a 403(b) plan, those who are contributing, those nearing retirement, and those already enjoying retirement.


  • The Preventive Law Guide includes articles on a variety of legal topics such as estate planning, elder law issues and real estate transactions. Newsletters from the past year are available to view or print.



  • File FoldersThe Additional Resources section of the Financial Planning Center offers a variety of publications and resources to assist with your financial planning needs.