Premier World Discovery

World Premier Travel 

The NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation has endorsed the Premier World Discovery travel program in an effort to provide more domestic travel opportunities to the NYSUT membership and enhance our travel offerings.

NYSUT members & their family members who use this program can save $100 per person on specific tours and cruises.

Premier World Discovery offers a variety of group tour vacations designed for active adult American travelers -- specializing in domestic and international worldwide tours. Since the company's inception in 1999, it has developed a lineup of more than 70 travel programs around the globe, including fully-escorted tours, private-chartered European river cruises, festive holiday and New Year's getaways, and more.

How to Save:
1. Visit the Premier World Discovery website to view current offers on a variety of popular destinations.

2. Travel on a listed Premier World Discovery program and save $100 per person on your trip simply for being a NYSUT member!

2 Easy Ways to Learn More:

1. Call toll-free 877-953-8687, Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. (EST); make sure to mention that you are a NYSUT member when calling

2. Visit

Click here to view Premier World Discovery's cancellation policy (scroll to the bottom of the page for cancellation policy).

Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions about the Premier World Discovery program.

****Premier World Discovery also offers a low cost cancellation waiver that covers up to your trip cost (Part A) and your post-departure plan (Part B). The cost of this waiver is $210 per person for domestic travel and $295 per person for international travel.****

About Premier World Discovery
As a group travel specialist, Premier World Discovery's goal is for NYSUT members & their family members to travel together on journeys across the world. The company specializes in traditional escorted tours, unique rail tours, one-hotel/unpack-once tours, and river cruise charters.

Headquartered in Redondo Beach, CA, Premier World Discovery has served more than 100,000 travelers through its global tour and vacation programs over the past 17 years. Premier World Discovery's travel opportunities are uniquely and thoroughly planned experiences designed to give individuals peace of mind while traveling to bucket-list destinations and on dream trips around the world.

The Premier World Discovery call center is located in Redondo Beach, CA.

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The NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation does not guarantee that these endorsed programs are the lowest-cost products available to you, and you are encouraged to shop and compare before making any purchasing decisions.