Grand Circle Travel (Domestic & International Group Tours)

Grand Circle TravelThe NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation-endorsed Grand Circle family of companies, which includes Grand Circle Cruise Line, Grand Circle Travel & Overseas Adventure Travel, offers NYSUT members special pricing on international river cruises and other travel opportunities.

Save $150 per person on published tours simply for being a NYSUT member, and enjoy other discounts and savings opportunities available for specific tours. Discovery opportunities, activities and discussions are included with each trip. Grand Circle's 
group tour vacations are designed specifically for American travelers over 50 years old.

Grand Circle Travel & Overseas Adventure Travel will also designate certain trips to be offered exclusively to eligible purchasers. If at least 13 eligible purchasers sign up for a specific trip, all eligible purchasers who take that trip are eligible to receive an additional discount of $350 per person.

SAVE $500 ON ANY 2021 OR 2022 ADVENTURE!
The Grand Circle family of companies is currently offering a special promotion for all travelers. Book your trip by December 31, 2021 and receive an additional $500 savings on the cost of your trip (along with up to 10% off the total price of the trip through the company’s Good Buy Plan).

You must book your trip by December 31, 2021, but the $500 promotion is for any trip during 2021 or all of 2022.

With Grand Circle & Overseas Adventure's risk-free booking policy, you can also transfer your departure date for any reason up until 24 hours prior to your original departure; the company will also waive any change fees for 2021 or 2022 reservations.

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Easy Ways to Learn More:

1. To make your reservation with Grand Circle Travel, visit or call 800-221-2610.

2. To make your reservation with Overseas Adventure Travel, visit or call 800-955-1925.

3. Grand Circle Travel & Overseas Adventure Travel will designate certain trips to be offered exclusively to eligible purchasers. If at least 13 eligible purchasers sign up for a specific trip, all eligible purchasers who take that trip are eligible to receive an additional discount of $350 per person.

To learn more or form your own group, please call 800-597-2452.

****Make sure to mention group number 25614 when calling to receive the $150 per person discount.****

The Grand Circle Travel Good Buy Plan offers up to an additional 10% discount on any trip booked in addition to the $150 off per trip that NYSUT members currently receive.

With the Good Buy Plan, members save 10% on their trip by pre-paying in full 12 months or more prior to your final payment due date. The discount then declines each month until it reaches 3% at five months prior to the final payment due date.

In addition to the $150 off per traveler, there is also the option to receive an additional $50 off if your trip is paid in full within the last 120 days. In order to receive this discount, members must pay in full by cash, check or electronic check to qualify (this is the rule for all payoffs after the deposit is made).

Traveling with Grand Circle Travel is about more than sightseeing. It's about immersing yourself in other cultures; sharing the warm camaraderie of like-minded American travelers; and feeling comfortable, safe and well-cared for every step of the way. It's not simply a destination you'll find, but a profound awareness of the life-changing joy of cultural connections -- connections that Grand Circle has been creating for more than 50 years.

Whether you're traveling by land or ship, Grand Circle is known for the spirited camaraderie of its trips -- a quality that singles and couples alike often cite as a highlight of their travel experience. In addition, many of Grand Circle's single travelers especially enjoy the size of its groups (no more than 25 to 45 travelers on Grand Circle Cruise Line vacations and no more than 42 travelers on Land Tours) because it enables them to meet new people. In fact, over the years, many travelers have formed lifelong friendships, found future travel companions and even met their future spouses during a Grand Circle vacation.

Adventure travel with Overseas Adventure Travel is a journey beyond the familiar, one that takes you into the very heart of a destination to meet people where they work and live. Overseas Adventure Travel invites you to explore the meandering routes, intriguing detours and slower paths where you can breathe deeply, absorb new sensations, encounter authentic cultures, and make new connections. Overseas Adventure Travel has been creating those moments for more than 30 years.

While you can journey with OAT to many of the world's top travel destinations, you can also be taken to many lesser-known locales -- unique and wonder-filled destinations where few Americans go. OAT can transport you off the tourist path over land and by sea. Once you arrive at your destination, you'll be invited to participate in local life. Through unique activities that are built into your trip, you'll enjoy personal connections that might only take a moment to form but can last a lifetime in your memories.

When you travel with OAT, you'll travel in a small group of 10-16 travelers on its Land Adventures and 16-25 travelers on its Small Ship Adventures. Your Trip Leader will be able to focus on your needs and give you the personal attention you deserve. In addition, you'll enjoy a level of spontaneity and camaraderie that just isn't possible in large groups.

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