Car & Truck Rentals (Special Discounted Rates)

Car & Truck RentalsPlease Note: Effective 1/31/22, our car & truck rental program providers (Alamo, Avis, Budget, Budget Truck, Enterprise and National) will now be available through our endorsed Member Benefits Discounts & Deals program.

This change will allow NYSUT members to better coordinate their travel plans by bundling hotels, flights and/or vehicle rentals through MB Discounts & Deals for even greater savings!

The MB Discounts & Deals program utilizes the nation’s largest private discount network to provide NYSUT members with exclusive access to savings of up to 50% at more than 700,000 locations nationwide as well as more than 21,000 deals throughout New York State.

Visit to get started now.

Important: You will need your NYSUT ID number to create an account with a username and password on the MB Discounts & Deals website (using the link above).

Whether you're traveling for business or your own leisure, make sure to take advantage of the special discounted rates that NYSUT members enjoy on car rentals with our endorsed car rental companies.

NYSUT Member Benefits can also assist you with special rates on truck rentals if you are planning a move soon. Save 20% on local or one-way truck rentals from Budget Truck Rental.

In order to receive your NYSUT Member Benefits special discount, use the appropriate Member Benefits discount code for phone reservations or point-of-sale desk orders. These codes are NOT needed if you are visiting any of the website links below as they will automatically be populated when you click on the links. Please note that an additional driver fee may apply.


1. ALAMO CAR RENTAL -- Discount Code: 213855

Visit the Alamo website or call 800-462-5266

****The discount with Alamo depends on rental date, location and vehicle type.****

2. AVIS CAR RENTAL -- Discount Code: A441200

Visit the Avis website or call 800-698-5685 (for international reservations, call 800-331-1084)

****NYSUT members save 25% on rental rates with Avis or up to 30% when selecting the "Pay Now" option on the Avis website.****

3. BUDGET CAR RENTAL -- Discount Code: BCDX928400

Visit the Budget website or call 800-455-2848

****NYSUT members save 25% on rental rates with Budget or up to 30% when selecting the "Pay Now" option on the Budget website.****


Visit the Enterprise website or call 800-736-8222

****The discount with Enterprise depends on rental date, location and vehicle type.****

5. NATIONAL CAR RENTAL -- Discount Code: 5028191

Visit the National website or call 800-227-7368

****The discount with National depends on rental date, location and vehicle type.****


1. BUDGET TRUCK RENTAL -- Discount Code: 56000070789

Visit the Budget Truck Reservations Center website or call 800-566-8422 or 888-633-3857, option 1, then select option 1 again

****Need help with your next move? NYSUT members save 20% on local or one-way truck rentals with Budget Truck Rental.****

*Discounts do not apply to vehicles other than passenger cars, rental trucks from Budget Truck Rental, taxes, drop-off charges, other service fees, special promotional rates, or rentals that are part of a tour package. All renters must meet the standard financial responsibility and driver qualifications established by these companies.

**Discounts granted to groups such as NYSUT are determined by the amount of rental business done by members of that group. Some other groups or affiliations may qualify for larger discounts than NYSUT.

***Discounts may not be available during peak periods; regular pricing would apply.

There is an endorsement arrangement between the providers of these plans and the NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation. Click here for the details of this arrangement.

The NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation does not guarantee that these endorsed programs are the lowest-cost products available to you, and you are encouraged to shop and compare before making any purchasing decisions.