EPIC Hearing (Discounted Hearing Care Products)

EPIC HearingThe NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation-endorsed EPIC (Ear Professionals International Corporation) Hearing Service Plan offers a national network of more than 7,200 credentialed licensed hearing professionals (with more than 250 in New York State).

embers receive customized care through these providers and can purchase brand-name hearing aids at substantial savings.

EPIC Hearing offers access to professional hearing care solutions and can help members save on a variety of hearing care aids, including the Relate brand.


Multiple technology level options are available through EPIC Hearing to help make hearing care more affordable for members, ranging from the $699 silver level per hearing aid device to the $2,299 premium level per hearing aid device. That cost includes a hearing exam, evaluation, follow-up care, batteries/charging case, and more.*

If a NYSUT member were to go to a local provider on their own, the cost could be upwards of $4,000 per hearing aid device along with the additional cost of the hearing exam, charging case, etc. for the same device.

*Pricing is valid through 12/31/24. For the most up-to-date pricing and information, please contact EPIC Hearing. Three follow-up visits are included at no cost; hearing aids purchased in the silver technology level receive one follow-up visit.

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2 Easy Ways to Learn More:

1. Visit http://www.epichearing.com/nysut

2. Call toll-free 866-956-5400

IMPORTANT: When calling on the phone, you must state that you are a New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) member to save up to 50% off the manufacturer's suggested retail price for hearing care devices.


    NYSUT members save up to 50% on a wide selection of hearing aids and services.

    Good-to-know details about this program:

    Members have 60 days to try out hearing aids purchased from an EPIC Hearing provider.
    Your plan includes a three-year extended warranty for repairs and a one-time loss for damage replacement.1
    Members can schedule up to three follow-up visits at no cost with additional support available.2
    You will receive a no-cost annual hearing exam with an EPIC Hearing provider.

    1. One-time professional fee may apply.
    2. Hearing aids purchased in the silver technology level will receive one follow-up visit.

    All NYSUT members are eligible to use this program. Best of all, EPIC Hearing will coordinate coverage with your existing health care plans.


    EPIC Hearing identifies and screens qualified experts in hearing evaluation and treatment. The company then researches and evaluates all hearing aid technology to assure the latest and most effective options are available. In addition, it negotiates the best prices for all treatment protocols, including hearing devices.

    After registering for the plan, a hearing counselor will help you find a provider located near your home or work. You will receive a referral letter outlining the plan benefits, services, and pricing. Contact the provider and follow through with an appointment, examination, and treatment.

    EPIC Hearing coordinates with the provider, and payment would be made to EPIC. EPIC contacts the manufacturer, which ships the hearing aids to the provider for fitting on your ear(s). You then have a 60-day trial period for adjustments and follow-up care.

    If you have a recent hearing exam (from within the past six months), you may take that recent audiogram with you to an EPIC provider to pursue hearing aids. EPIC will assist you in coordinating any insurance benefits or coverages when applicable.

    1. Toll-free telephone support to any individual who may be active within the plan or may simply have questions about hearing care and hearing aids.
    2. Ongoing support after the hearing aid purchase with direct battery programs (batteries are shipped directly to your home); notification of new ancillary support products; hearing aid and cell phone compatibility assessment and advice; and referral to other services available on a state-by-state basis to hearing-impaired individuals.
    3. Coordination with all insurance programs to assure maximum benefit on your behalf.
    4. EPIC Hearing accepts payment from all major credit cards or CareCredit for financing assistance. EPIC can verify credit limits and eligibility for CareCredit members.

There is an endorsement arrangement between the provider of this plan and the NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation. Click here for the details of this arrangement.

The NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation does not guarantee that these endorsed programs are the lowest-cost products available to you, and you are encouraged to shop and compare before making any purchasing decisions.