Purchasing Power Member Shopping Program


The NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation-endorsed Purchasing Power Member Shopping Program is an online shopping service that offers eligible NYSUT members the ability to purchase brand-new, brand-name products and pay for them over time through the ease of payroll deduction or ACH withdrawals.

Eligible NYSUT members can enjoy access to products such as computers, appliances, jewelry, furniture, televisions, travel packages and much more.

NYSUT members will find the shopping experience very similar to other online retailers. While Purchasing Power is not a discount program, it can save you money and stress compared to high-interest credit cards or rent-to-own stores. And unlike with layaway programs, Purchasing Power allows you to receive your order up front with manageable payments that have zero interest, no credit check and no hidden fees.

2 Easy Ways to Learn More:

1. Call toll-free 888-923-6236

2. Visit

To participate, you'll need to meet a few eligibility requirements, including minimum age, salary and tenure.

While the Purchasing Power program is NOT a discount offering, it does serve as an option for those members who do not want to use a high-interest credit card for purchases. As always, NYSUT Member Benefits encourages you to shop and compare before making any purchases.

There is an endorsement arrangement between the provider of this plan and the NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation. Click here for the details of this arrangement.