Purchasing Power (Computers, Electronics, Furniture, Appliances & More)

The NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation-endorsed Purchasing Power Member Shopping Program offers eligible NYSUT members the ability to purchase brand-name products and pay for them over a 12-month period through the ease of payroll deduction or ACH withdrawals.

20% off your first Purchasing Power order
Eligible NYSUT members can enjoy access to products such as computers, appliances, jewelry, furniture, televisions, travel packages and much more. Save 20% on your first order with Purchasing Power.

10% standing discount thereafter
Purchasing Power also offers a 10% standing discount on all subsequent purchases after your first order has been placed; you must use promo code NYSUTVIP.
2 Easy Ways to Learn More:

1. Visit https://nysutmbc.purchasingpower.com

2. Call toll-free 888-923-6236

Purchasing Power offers the benefits of no credit check, no hidden fees and fixed payments you will know in advance.

This program can help eligible NYSUT members save both time and money over traditional financing options like high-interest credit cards or rent-to-own stores. Unlike with layaway programs, Purchasing Power allows you to receive your order up front with manageable payments.

To participate, you'll need to meet a few eligibility requirements, including minimum age, salary and tenure.

Please keep in mind that Purchasing Power is not a discount program, and members are encouraged to shop and compare before making any purchasing decisions.

NYSUT Associate Members and NYSUT Student Members are not eligible to participate in this program.

There is an endorsement arrangement between the provider of this plan and the NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation. Click here for the details of this arrangement.