Connect America

The NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation-endorsed Connect America program offers NYSUT members and their loved ones the peace of mind that comes from having an emergency communication system. Both traditional landline and cell phone systems are available for purchase.

Medical alert systems are emergency communication systems that have proven to be crucial for those individuals living alone, dealing with medical/health issues or simply looking for peace of mind if something were to happen to them. According to the National Council on Aging, one-quarter of adults age 65 and older experience a fall each year -- making it all the more important to have a quality medical alert system in the event of an emergency.

Connect America offers a variety of medical alert products that ensure NYSUT members and/or their loved ones can get quick assistance when they need it. The majority of Connect America's products have a lightweight, waterproof activator that can be worn around the neck or wrist.

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Pricing for NYSUT members and their loved ones starts at $25 per month, up to a 16% discount off Connect America's standard monthly pricing. Each new subscriber also receives a free lock box.

When pressed, the Connect America activator signals a base unit that in turn communicates directly with the Connect America 24/7/365 Emergency Response Center. Using a carefully-gathered profile of information about the user, the trained Emergency Response Center operators will diagnose the emergency signal and send an ambulance, police, firefighters, a relative, or neighbor depending on the specific situation.

For those individuals looking to have peace-of-mind when they are at home, a choice of a traditional landline or cellular-based console is available. Both consoles require a wrist or neckstyle activator and communicate with the Emergency Response Center similarly.

As an additional layer of security for individuals who have had a fall or are at risk of falling, the Connect America iVi Intelligent Pendant with Fall Detection will automatically detects a fall and signal to the Emergency Response Center that the user may be in need of assistance.

For those individuals who are active and have concerns when they are out of their home, Connect America offers the Mobile-Mate mobile safety device that features GPS location technology and includes optional automated fall detection.

An individual can call for assistance anywhere or anytime by pushing the mobile safety device call button. The call is then sent to the Emergency Response Center where trained operators can access call details such as the subscriber's name, address and relevant health information.

If the individual is unable to confirm their location during an emergency, the device's location technology can be used by dispatchers to help direct responders to the individual's location.

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The NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation does not guarantee that these endorsed programs are the lowest-cost products available to you, and you are encouraged to shop and compare before making any purchasing decisions.