Powell's Books (Unionized Bookstore)

The NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation-endorsed Powell's Books program allows NYSUT members to purchase a variety of new and used books along with other items from one of the top unionized bookstores in the U.S.

Powell's Books seeks 
large and specialized book collections, and especially values scholarly and other high-quality books. Powell's Books purchases library donations, bookstore inventories and personal libraries.

For collections of 500 books or more, it may arrange to have the books shipped for evaluation. If your collection is especially large (a bookstore inventory or private collection of approximately 10,000 books or more) and you’re located in the U.S., Powell's Books may be able to send their buyers directly to you. For those with collections of fewer than 500 books, you can use the online buyback service on the Powell's Books website.

2 Easy Way to Learn More:

1. Call 800-878-7323

2. Visit the Powell's Books website

Use the link above whenever you make a purchase from (or sale to) Powell’s Books (versus going directly to the Powell's Books website).

NYSUT members have the opportunity to enjoy exclusive shipping rates offered by Powell's Books. Find that new or used book on your wish list, and pay just $3.99 for flat-rate economy shipping; orders for more than $50 ship free of charge!

There is an endorsement arrangement between the provider of this plan and the NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation. Click here for the details of this arrangement.

The NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation does not guarantee that these endorsed programs are the lowest-cost products available to you, and you are encouraged to shop and compare before making any purchasing decisions.