Important Documents for Benefit Funds

NYSUT Member Benefits makes available a number of sample documents to help educate and guide locals and their benefit funds. However, this is no substitution for actual legal counsel. Your local or benefit fund should seek legal advice from a qualified attorney when considering any action based on this information.

Please note that neither the NYSUT Member Benefits Trust nor Member Benefits Corporation provide legal advice. Learn more about getting assistance in retaining legal guidance.

-- Code of Ethics Frameworks
-- Conflict of Interest Policy
-- Whistleblower Policy
-- Agreement & Declaration of Trust
-- Various HIPAA-related documents

Local leaders can access these password-protected documents in the NYSUT Member Benefits Toolkit by logging in to the NYSUT Leader Access site; you must provide your NYSUT ID Number/User Name and Password to access these documents. If you have not previously logged in to the "My NYSUT" section of the NYSUT Member Benefits website, you will be prompted to do so.

For more information about how you can strengthen your benefit fund or the various group programs available to your benefit fund, please contact the Benefits Coordinator covering your region.