March 08, 2022

Grand Circle/Overseas Adventure extend risk-free booking through 5/31/22

Travelers can also save a full 10% on the total cost of their trip with the company's Good Buy Plan.

Grand Circle Travel & Overseas Adventure Travel have extended their risk-free booking policy through May 31, 2022 for any 2022 or 2023 excursion.

With the risk-free booking policy offered by Grand Circle & Overseas Adventure, travelers can transfer their departure date for any reason up until 24 hours prior to their original departure. The company will also waive any change fees for any 2022 or 2023 reservation.

In addition, save a full 10% on the total cost of your trip through the company's Good Buy Plan on any September 1, 2022 through December 31, 2023 departure when you reserve by May 31, 2022. To receive this additional savings, you must pay in full by check or electronic funds transfer within 14 days of reserving your trip.

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Your status as a NYSUT member allows you to save $150 per person on published tours along with other discounts and savings opportunities available for specific tours. Discovery opportunities, activities and discussions are included with each trip. The group tour vacations offered by Grand Circle Travel & Overseas Adventure Travel are specifically designed for American travelers over 50 years old.

Grand Circle Travel & Overseas Adventure Travel will also designate certain trips to be offered exclusively to eligible purchasers. If at least 13 eligible purchasers sign up for a specific trip, all eligible purchasers who take that trip are eligible to receive an additional discount of $350 per person.