May 11, 2017

Consumer Alert: ID Watchdog issues warning about latest Android attacks

NYSUT Member Benefits believes strongly in protecting the NYSUT membership against fraud and identity theft. To that effect, we want to ensure that all NYSUT members & their families take the necessary steps to safeguard themselves against this type of crime.

The NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation-endorsed ID Watchdog program has issued a consumer alert about the latest Android attacks. Google's Android operating system outranks Apple's iPhone by a huge percentage, and hackers believe targeting Android will yield the most results. Several new exploits aimed at Android systems show just how pervasive the problem has become and why every Android fan needs to be vigilant.

In late April 2017, researchers at software technologies firm CheckPoint detected a new malware they dubbed FalseGuide in over 40 apps posted on Google Play. An estimated two million phone owners downloaded these fake gaming guide apps before their malignant intent was uncovered.

Some of the malware-laced apps were available for six months before Google Play removed them. The toxic FalseGuide spread so far in such a short time because it targeted gamers addicted to certain games like Pokemon Go and Mortal Kombat.

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