November 17, 2014

Philips Lifeline launches NEW GoSafe Mobile System

The NYSUT Member Benefits Corporation-endorsed Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service has launched its NEW GoSafe Mobile System for seniors who are mobile and looking to use the Lifeline monitoring service both inside and outside of their home.

The GoSafe system is a mobile personal emergency response system that enables the subscriber to speak with the Lifeline Response Center 24/7 whether he or she is home or from any other location in the U.S. where the AT&T wireless network is available. The system is designed to call for help and enable the subscriber to be located in the event of an emergency, whether he or she is inside or outside of the home.

GoSafe incorporates Lifeline's AutoAlert technology to provide an added layer of protection by automatically calling for help if a fall is detected. In addition, GoSafe utilizes up to six different technologies for locating the subscriber whether inside or outside of the home.

Please note that AT&T wireless coverage must be available in the subscriber's area for the GoSafe pendant to function.

Click here for more information about the GoSafe Mobile System.