New retirement calculator added to Financial Planning Center

NYSUT Member Benefits has added a new retirement calculator to our Financial Planning Center.

Brought to you by the New York State Deferred Compensation Plan, the Interactive Retirement Planner can offer insight into whether you're on track with your personal retirement planning goals. The New York State Deferred Compensation Plan is a 457(b) Retirement Plan that may be an available investment option through your employer. Information regarding the NYS Deferred Compensation Plan can be found at

NYSUT Member Benefits does not have an endorsement arrangement with the NYS Deferred Compensation Plan or Nationwide Insurance, and does not provide investment or tax advice. The Interactive Retirement Planner offers hypothetical information and is not intended to predict or project investment results.

The Member Benefits Financial Planning Center also offers a variety of financial calculators, an Interactive Planning Module, a customized financial newsletter developed specifically for NYSUT members, an annual retirement guide, and a number of other tools.

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