403(b) Field Guide

403b Field Guide

Welcome to the 403(b) Field Guide section of the Financial Planning Center!

This publication is provided to you as an educational tool to become more familiar with 403(b) plans. While this guide does not cover specific 403(b) providers, it does explain all the relevant information you need to know when examining or choosing your 403(b) provider.

Designed as an educational tool, this publication covers all aspects of 403(b) plans and includes information pertinent to members not yet contributing to a 403(b) plan, those who are contributing, those nearing retirement, and those already enjoying retirement.

If you are a new NYSUT member, this guide can be a helpful tool in selecting a 403(b) provider should you be able to contribute at this time. And if you already have a 403(b) plan, use this guide to help review your current plan to ensure you are participating in a program that best suits your present and future needs.

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