Student Loan

Your Union-Endorsed Benefits: Debt Consolidation & Mortgage Savings

NYSUT Member Benefits understands the challenges that the hardworking women and men of this labor union face when it comes to financial issues such as student loan re-payment options, credit card consolidation or debt management, or saving on purchasing or refinancing a home.

Student Loan & Debt Counseling Program - Learn More Now
Your union membership allows you to receive a no-obligation debt and/or student loan consultation at no cost with a certified counselor through the Member Benefits Corporation endorsed Cambridge Credit Counseling program.

Cambridge provides individualized student loan counseling along with a unique web portal available at a reduced rate to help explain the various options when paying student debt; debt relief services are also offered.

UnionDirect Mortgage Discount Program - Learn More Now
The Member Benefits Corporation-endorsed UnionDirect Mortgage Discount Program presented by Mid-Island Mortgage Corp. offers union members and their families savings of up to $2,700 on lender fees and closing costs.

Your union membership also entitles you to no application or processing fees; no commitment fees; no underwriting fees; no lender or broker fees; and reduced attorney and title fees.

The Power of the Union

Regardless of whether you are participating in either of the programs mentioned above; one of our endorsed insurance, financial or legal programs; or our many shopping, entertainment or travel offerings, NYSUT members receive a quality product and enjoy the “Power of the Union” behind them.

Unlike when purchasing products available to the general public, Member Benefits is here as your advocate if you ever have any issues or concerns with our endorsed programs.

We encourage you to explore this website to learn more about our endorsed programs along with potential savings opportunities for you and your family members.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 800-626-8101.